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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters

Cowabunga, dudes! A fighting tournament has been organized as the result of April and Splinter being kidnapped by a women named Karai. The Turtles must travel across the US in their Turtle Blimp, defeating other fighters and collecting information on their whereabouts. Will the Turtles be able to save their friends and stop Karai?

The first thing you can do is choose from Tournament, VS Battle, Story Battle, Watch, or Option Mode. Tournament mode lets you choose your character and fight in a tournament to win prize money. You go through all 12 characters and two bosses. In Vs. Battle, you can choose from 10 available characters (12 with a code) to fight against another friend. You can also select the stage you want and change parameters (take more/less damage, etc.). The story mode lets you choose one of the four turtles trying to rescue April/Splinter from Karai. The Ultimate Attack bar is disabled in this mode. Watch mode has you view two computer controlled characters fighting each other. It’s basically a demo mode. The option mode lets you choose from; Difficulty level, Button Config., Game Time/Speed, Credit, Music, Voice, and Sound.

The characters in the game are Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, Cyber Shredder, War, Aska, Chrome Dome, Wingnut, and Armaggon. There’s also the Rat King and Karai, two boss characters that you can unlock.

Each fighter has a light punch, hard punch, light kick and hard kick move. You can also perform super moves and ultimate attacks.  It’s a very responsive and simple system that is fun to use. The characters themselves are balanced and take skill to defeat. They all have some cool move sets and variety to them, but there are a few odd ones like for example, Michaelangelo shooting a hadouken out of his mouth.

The backgrounds feature cameo appearances from the turtle universe. You’ll see some familiar faces such as Casey Jones, Backster Stockman the Fly, and Foot Soldiers. The stages you fight on look great as well. Some of them have you fighting on top of a skyscraper, during a rock concert, underground sewers, or in a construction zone.

The sound and music are well done in the game. The soundtrack is a mixture of synth rock and 80′s funk bass-lines. The audio samples that each character says during their moves and gameplay are easy to understand as well (unlike some Genesis games I know, hehehe).

TMNT: Tournament Fighters really does kick shell. Fans of Street Fighter II and fighting games in general should try the game out.

Pros: Gameplay, Graphics, Pizza Time!

Cons: Maybe the controls could’ve been more responsive.

Score: 8.5

VGM: “Character Select”

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