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Dragon’s Lair

Dirk, the Daring, a knight, must rescue Princess Daphne from the evil dragon Singe. The princess has been locked in the Mordroc, the Wizard’s castle and it’s up to you to rescue her from his evil clutches.

The game features animation from ex-Disney animator Don Bluth. It also was one of the first laserdisc games, from 1983, to gain popularity in the arcades. A laserdisc video game is a video game that uses pre-recorded video. As such, most of the gameplay is interacting through timed button presses. It was .50 cents per play, double of a normal arcade game at the time. You can press either the four d-pad directions or the attack button. Timing is crucial because if you are off by a little bit, you’ll lose a life.

The main attraction of the Xbox Live Arcade Port is the Kinect controls. I still prefer using the controller but at least they’re another option now. There are also achievements and various difficulty levels. Most gamers have played the numerous ports of the game throughout the years. I still found this version to carry the same charm as the older ones. It’s even better to see the stunning animations in HD. You forget that it was made in 1983.

Of course the game can’t compare to the modern games of today. But what Dragon Lair does have is the nostalgia factor and imagination that some games lack today. Not everyone will enjoy this game but I recommend you at least try. Don Bluth animation is top notch even to this day.


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Pros: Don Bluth Animation, Nostalgia, Kinect/Achievements

Cons: Repetitive, Not For Everybody

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