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Fable Heroes

Welcome back to the world of Albion! Fable Heroes is a side-scrolling action game that offers 4-Player Co-Op, Time Trials, Minigames, and Leaderboards. Created for Xbox Live Arcade, the game is based on the popular Fable series universe.

Your characters have been made into puppets. You start your heroic journey by choosing four characters that any fan would recognize. There are more to unlock during your adventure. Gameplay begins with your characters on a map representing where you can go. You move along a grid of choices that start with Millfields. There is a variety of places from the Fable Universe that you will get to see. There is the town of Bowerstone, Mountaintop, Cheery Village and Aurora to name a few. There are always four players on the screen. The computer will take over for other characters that aren’t played by a person. If you die during the game you will turn into a ghost. In this form you can’t pick up gold but you can attack enemies. If you are able to find a heart you come back to life and join the rest of the players.

In Fable Heroes, you can roll, do a normal attack, flourish attack, and an area attack. Each character also has a unique attack that is specific to the character. Collecting gold is an important aspect to the game. You can get gold by defeating enemies or smashing barrels that pour out many shiny valuables. You use the currency to buy special abilities, level up characters, and even unlock some items for the future release of “Fable: The Journey,” this coming fall. After each level is completed, you are taken to a board game. You roll a dice and the spot you land on determines if you can upgrade your character, unlock a new one, or other various results.

The levels have treasure chests and power-ups that are scattered throughout the areas. A few power-ups make your hero shrink/enlarge, give you temporary invincibility, and speed upgrades. The chests hold treasures that can be good for you or a be disadvantage for a team, like for example, a thunder cloud will float on top of your head and zap away the cash you’ve got. Most levels have a road that splits in to two paths. One of them can take you to a boss fight and the other a mini-game. It makes you want to replay the level again to see the path you missed previously. You can unlock a “dark” version of Fable Heroes which makes the game slightly more challenging. The game takes about 2-3 hours to beat normally. Taking your time through the game and enjoying the extras will add another hour or two. Not bad for an arcade title.

Gone is the realistic and darker graphics of the original series. Now we are introduced to a more upbeat and colorful tone. The graphics are pretty good and have an appealing look to them. Also, the European environments based on the Fable series are well done. The poppy Celtic music also sounds great. You will hear a lot of familiar tunes remixed for the game. Overall, the music and sound effects are nicely done for Fable Heroes.

Fable Heroes is a fun game that all ages can play. It’s simple and has some flaws but it’s still a good game. Some changes could be made though. The board game could use quicker turns and I would add more weapons/moves and make it a little more challenging. But other than that, I loved the art direction in Fable Heroes, the Mini-Games, and the Characters. Overall, if you overlook the small faults of Fable Heroes you’ll have a great time. I enjoyed the game and hopefully they’ll add more levels/weapons to the game.


A copy was provided by the publisher for review.


Pros: Nice Graphics, Remix Tunes, Branching Paths, Mini-Games

Cons: Simple Gameplay, Easy Challenge, More Diverse Weapons/Moves, Board Game’s Slow Pace.

Score: 7.5

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