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Nights Into Dreams

There is a world called Nightopia that exists in humans when they sleep. Every human that enters this zone has a light that represents their spirit. For example, white is purity and blue is knowledge. The Wiseman gets angry that all the humans are entering this world, so he forms an army to vanquish them. Nights doesn’t like the sound of this and enlists the help of two humans, Elliot and Claris. They both merge with Nights in their dreams to save Nightopia from Wiseman.

Gameplay: The main premise of each level is to gain twenty blue chips. You then put them in a container called an Ideya and bring it to a palace checkpoint. After repeating this process 4 times, you go into a nightmare zone and face a boss. You need to do this in a specific amount of time or you will change back to Elliot/Claris. You’ll be doing all kinds of loops and maneuvers through each stage. There are a few segments where Nights will go underwater and bobsled. The best part is all of the freedom you get while doing the moves. It’s really fun just playing around with the flying mechanics. The way to defeat enemies and gather items is by creating a para loop around the object. Using this method will let you collect A-Life’s which are small creatures. They have their own individual traits and give the game variety. Something unique will happen when they are caught or if there in egg for hatch. The music will change or/and background while you collect them and play.

Control: The controls are simple and work great. It is easy to pull off moves in the game. Claire and Elliot use the D-pad or analog for movement. The A, B, C buttons are used to jump. You can High Jump and do a flip move if you press the button after a jump mid-air. To shift the camera, you can use either the L or R buttons on the pad. The controls for Nights are the same except for the A, B, C buttons that make you speed up during flight. The L and R button are used for acrobatics. If you press both the L and R button at the same time, Nights will come to a stop and do a flip. In overhead mode, you can lower your altitude by pressing both buttons as well.

Graphics: The graphics are amazing and really capture your imagination. The environments, which are a combination of 3d and sprites, give you the illusion that you really are flying. Most people said that the Sega Saturn couldn’t do 3D polygons and that it was hard to program. Well that might me true in other games, but Sonic Team really used the system to its fullest potential. There is a lot of beautiful scenery full of life and environments that look great. You’ll see mystic gardens with waterfalls, a train level with snow and ice, forest zones, and a desert canyon setting. The backgrounds contain objects and views that will catch your eye while you play. It’s these small details that make the game great. With this combination, you’ll be immersed in the world of Nights. Along with the added sense of speed and steady frame rate, the game you’ll experience is a game like no other!

Nights is one of Sega Saturn’s greatest games. It is an innovative and unique game that only Sonic Team could make. It was the game that made you want to buy the Sega Saturn. It is a masterpiece of a game that everyone should try.

Pros: Great sense of flying, graphics, music

Cons: None

Score: 9.0

VGM: “Dreams Dreams: In Silent Memory”

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