Mega Man X4

197898_27938_frontMega Man X is back and this time on his first adventure for the Sony PlayStation! Intelligent lifelike robots called “Reploids” have gone Maverick and the mysterious Sigma is planning something. Maverick Hunter X and Zero must stop the new Reploid army and defeat Sigma.

Gameplay: Mega Man X4 lets you choose from Mega Man X and now Zero. Mega Man X plays the same way he does in the previous games. Zero has more laser sword based moves and different abilities. Each character has their strengths and weaknesses. Mega Man X will be familiar to everyone and Zero takes more skill to use with his short-ranged moves.

Mega Man X4 starts at the intro stage in Sky Lagoon. This stage introduces you to the story and gets you familiar with the gameplay. After the intro, you teleport to HQ where the Colonel tells X a shocking story. Eight Reploids have gone Maverick and the Repliforce army has as well. The story evolves from here with Sigma leading the charge. Like always, it’s not the most interesting story but it’s good for the Mega Man series.

During the 8 Maverick Stages, you’ll collect heart tanks, armor upgrades, and sub tanks. Also, Dr. Light has hidden capsules in a few stages. This is where Dr. Light gives you an upgrade and some info. You’ll encounter great level designs and enemies along your path. At the end of every level you’ll face the Maverick Boss. After you defeat them, you’ll get their weapon. For Mega Man X, it’s a projectile weapon, for Zero, it’s a sword skill. After all the Mavericks have been defeated, you’ll face Sigma’s levels until you meet the virus himself.

Controls: Mega Man X and Zero are easy to control.  Both use X to jump, triangle to do special attacks, circle for dashing, L1/R1 button to cycle weapons, and R2 for a Giga attack. You can do some techniques as well. You can Jump a little higher and faster by Dash Jumping. Pressing the circle or tapping the left/right button twice quickly will let you do one. Wall Dash is can be performed by Dash Jumping on or to a wall. This lets you jump quickly off a wall to reach longer heights. There are some other techniques you can learn. The ones I described will help you get through the game the most.

Graphics: Mega Man X in 32 bit looks great. The stages themselves are great to look at. Most levels have multiple-parallax backgrounds that are rendered. The enemies and characters sprites are really nice looking. Also, the environments are the best ones so far in any Mega Man X game. You’ll go through a volcano, marine base, cyber space, and a bio lab just to name a few. They all have nice touches unique to their setting. Overall, the graphics are nicely done and X/Zero look great. It’s pleasing to the eye and matches the atmosphere of the series perfectly.

Pros: Mega Man X is back on PlayStation. Play as Zero. Graphics. Music.

Cons: More of the same (I love it though!). Replay Value.

Score: 8.0

VGM: “Slash Beast Stage”

Don’t forget to check out Zero’s hilarious Pee Wee Herman impersonation.

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